CybsterSpace #19 (2006-05-04)


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It’s been a busy few weeks but that’s no excuse!

Get ready to mooooove!

META Cybster

Intro comment courtesy Insideout Podcast.

TWiG & JCHutchins – Alpha
Butn Pushn Teknohedz – City Beats
The Jody Aaron Band – Thrash N’Bash (remix2)
Mellow Jeremy – The Other Side
Alienation – Close To Heaven
Alien Pleasure – GZI

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3 Responses to “CybsterSpace #19 (2006-05-04)”

  • How did I record the show?

    I play and mix the music first recording with CastBlaster. Then I take the music track and drop it into GarageBand to add the voiceovers and jingles. I do this so I can do post editing with the Mac while I’m on the road.

    I can’t say I’m too happy with the results. I just can’t get enough grunt and clarity for the vocals so I think I’ll go back to CastBlaster on the PC. 🙁

  • tweba:

    I’m a bit new to electronica, but I like your podcast. Your last few episodes have been great. I really like the styles you put together for #18, #19. Keep at it. God bless ya. Good to see a Christian doing something so cool.

    New hampshire, USA

  • Thanks Mate. I appreciate it 🙂

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