CybsterSpace #42 (2007-02-08)


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Bar Tending College
(Source Unknown)

Gday Gday I’m Cybster DJ. I’m an Aussie and I welcome you to get on yer feet and enjoy CybsterSpace Session 42. Welcome to the show.

Well as always, the tunes tonight will cruise along non-stop at a good steady rate without annoying interruptions or lulls. Just how you like it. Make sure you check out the artists played in this show… full details at the end.

01 Groove Generator – Start Time
02 Channel – Why Won’t You Die Mix
03 Mellow Jeremy – Do You Wanna Party
04 Sonic Radiation – Cement Shadow
05 Carmen Hillary – Watching You Dance (Cybsterized)
06 Working Girls – Can’t Stop Me Now
07 Frank Mackie – Fascinated
08 DJ Isolated – Power Of Pleasure
09 ARP РDance All Nite 

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